Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Electrical tape without the casing

Writing Prompts are Fun!

Black. Sticky. In a plastic awkward-looking but ultimately practical casing. Electrical tape – meant to wrap around and hold together wires that conduct power.

Waterproof. Most tape is not but electrical tape must be. Water and electricity are not a good combo-platter.

Faith. Always a sticky subject. Always cased in awkward containers – buildings, ugly and stunningly beautiful. Bread – tasty or powdery and tasteless. Bibles – disputed and worshipped casings, more awkward than practical.

Faith. Meant to hold the power of the unknown together with human power. Two entities which rival the power of electricity.

Faith. Waterproof? Ha! Any faith constructed to be impermeable will surely prove to be a useless tape. The very essence of believing is some power beyond ourselves is acknowledging the holes that can be poked through by others, by science, by rationality, by experience.

One tape is quite as good as any other until you need the cord to the leaf blower patched up so you can blow leaves and walk through the puddles created by your uneven yard.

One faith is quite as good as any other until you want the practical version that mends you when broken and protects you from the depths of despair.