Saturday, September 10, 2011

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mary and Don

Mary and Don's Engagement Photo by John Lynner Peterson

I officiated today at the wedding of dear friends, Mary and Don. What a delight. Many in the congregation commented that it was the happiest wedding ceremony they had ever attended.

Noted author Scott Peck draws an analogy between marriage and a base camp for mountain climbing which Mary and Don have claimed as their own. They explained to me (I would be the last to know), If you want to climb mountains you must have a good base camp, a place where there are shelters and provisions, where one may receive nurture and rest before you venture forth again to seek another summit. Successful mountain climbers know that they must spend at least as much time, if not more, in tending to their base camp as they actually do in climbing mountains, for their survival is dependent upon their seeing to it that this camp is sturdily constructed and well stocked.

Mary and Don have chosen to build a base camp together that will nurture them through life as they venture forth from this marriage, always to return to their source of shelter and provision.

This creative and vibrant couple also created a beautiful symbol of their mountain climbing metaphor in their rings. They are beautifully crafted with mountains carved around the ring.

I asked Mary and Don to write letters to each other about why they love the other and why they wanted to be married to him/her. These letters will go in their keepsakes of this day. There were interesting reasons as you might well imagine. Many expected reasons and some you might be pleased or surprised about. Did you know that pumping someone’s bicycle tires is a reason to love someone? Mary also loves Don because he is not a spirit squisher! And Don assures us that it’s a basis for love if you too like to read, love NPR and vampires. Who knew? And their list will go forward from today.

Thank you, Mary and Don, for allowing me to share in your special day. You have taught us anew what it means to love.
And, of course, the gorgeous photos and specially designed and printed guest book are by John Lynner Peterson.

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