Friday, July 22, 2011

The Turtle and Me

Our assignment was to write about turtles. Me? Write about turtles? I am an indoor, city-girl. I’m not on a personal friendship basis with turtles. Or so I thought.

At first glance it would seem the geneology and character traits of the turtle have little in common with me. A closer look reveals otherwise.

That superficial look would contrast a hyperactive motor-mouth with a mute plodder. The closer look would reveal we share the quality of persistence. The plodder shows persistence in finishing the race; I have shown persistence in staying in the race regardless of obstacles along the way.

The surface view of the turtle displays a hard, ugly uninviting shell while my life long perfectionism demands that my surface be made-up, manicured, coiffed and well-dressed. A deeper analysis shows both the turtle and I use our shell for protection from the sling and arrows and predators of life.

A final look suggests both of us will live long and prosper regardless of what life throws our direction. The long life-cycle of the turtle makes this point for him; my life experience makes the case for me.


  1. I loved this post as I have a life long soft spot for turtles. Since a child I've gone only a few years without one as a pet. My currant one, named Turtley, lives in a shallow glass bowl on my kitchen counter/bar. He was brought to me as a hostess gift from friends who came to visit us from New Orleans exactly one year ago. He's unusual and different than any I've had before. Not only because of his small size and his flatness, but because of his soft shell. His only protection from predators is to bury himself in the sand. He's quite a digger and does a good job of that even though he's in a totally safe environment with us.

  2. Fascinating. I had no idea you were a turtle-lover!