Monday, July 11, 2011

Cut Off From Your Power?

What gives you strength? Power? Motivation?

What takes away your strength? Power? Motivation?

When I have a "down day," my analysis gene kicks in to high gear? Why? Why am I down? What source of power have I been cut off from? My first go-to answer is sleep. I have needed eight hours (nine is better) all my life, even as a hyperactive young person. So question #1 is "Did I have enough sleep?"

Question #2 is "Have I had too much or not enough socializing?" As an extrovert, I need a large dose. As an aging (don't ever tell anyone I admitted that.) extrovert, I need less than I used to. Getting the exact amount of socializing is tricky but necessary for maintaining my strength, power and motivation.

Question #3 is "Have I had appropriate spiritual nourishment?" I can get out-of-whack if I haven't had my spiritual cup filled through worship (see yesterday's post about constitutes worship).

Question #4 is "Have I exercised?" This one is tough for me. I don't like exercise. I have never liked exercise. I'm not likely to fall in love with exercise in the near future. I have admitted, however, that exercise is essential to my well-being.

Question #5 is "Have I had some fun?" Fun of late consists to a large extent of being with grandchildren, Tristan and Payden. For years now, I have been able to acknowledge that I have to have fun in my life to maintain my equilibrium.

What is your source of power? Are you plugged in?

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