Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Church and Sex

The return of Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson to his hometown and our fair city, Lexington, KY gives me impetus to climb up on my soapbox. Again. It would be delightful to think that people of faith have moved past the issue of homosexuality and the church but we’re not there yet. So we need to get out the soapbox occasionally for those who still need to hear the message.

The church, writ large, has historically tried to control sexuality because it is a powerful force that man (in this case I really do mean MEN) would like to put on a leash. Our sexuality is a gift and like all natural forces will never fully be tamed by humanity.

The church tried (some still do) to control women because our gender presented a sexual energy that was feared and revered and, therefore, needed to be controlled. After centuries of repression, we have made great progress in parts of the world and abysmal conditions remain in far too many countries.

As a nation, the US seems to be on the far side of the women’s issue. Great strides have been made on the issues of homosexuality in secular society. I think we have critical mass and there will be no going back into the closet. The church, however, has a long way to go.

The frightening numbers about the decline of Christianity should be a wake-up call for people of faith everywhere. The attempt to control sexuality ranks very high on my list of why the general population is sleeping in on Sunday mornings.

Think on these things. Talk with your family and friends. Go hear Rev. Robinson this evening. Have a discussion with a gay or lesbian friend about the church. Let’s each do our part to achieve justice for all God’s children.

Ok, this is a very heavy post so let’s close on a lighter note. My first question to God when we meet face-to-face will be, “Why did you integrate our organs of sexuality with our organs of elimination? Very poor architectural planning!” 

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