Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is your Essential Anchor in Life?

Lindt peanut butter balls, unsweetened iced teac (brewed, no mixes, no lemon, heavy on the ice), one lgass of white wine with dinner (on some occasions two, clear the table if it’s three) and first, last and always----girlfriends.

When I’m down for the count and really making a conscious choice to never get up again --- call in the girlfriends. (One caveat---there are a couple of male friends who qualify as girlfriends.)

Rhonda, Lisa, Martha, Mary, Rosemary, Tracy, Vonda, Rachel, Wendy, Boog, Linda and Laura will be my pall bearers. They have carried me through an extraordinary life of challenge, grief, giggles and joy, so they will carry me out.

Relationships in general are life-blood for me but girlfriends are the O+ or universal donor of my life. The richest, scariest, saddest, most shameful event can be wrestled to the floor of understanding when shared with a girlfriend.

Add a Lindt peanut butter ball, a glass of iced tea or a glass of wine and the world just magically rights on its axis. 


  1. For my wife, Ms. Margaret, it is her short people who she loves every day, then dark chocolate, then Absolute Black...and frequent visits with her twisted sisters. For me, it is her. She's my girlfriend.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, TruthSeeker. I like Ms. Margaret's list. And, of course, yours is exquisitely compact and fulfilling.