Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting Plugged In

This is an ancient blog post that I am recycling because it is a reminder to all creative types that being plugged into the source of our creative power is an on-going issue that we must address over and over again. Are you plugged into the source of your creativity today?
Presenting Leatha with the first copy of No Rehearsal: A Memoir-June 2014

            I need to get plugged in. Plugged-in to the creativity hidden deep inside my soul. Plugged-in to the message that is uniquely mine to share. Plugged-in to the motives that drive me to share.
            Plugging-in means having the energy, focus and desire to write. Plugging-in means prioritizing my writing. Plugging-in means not pre-judging before I’ve even pulled out the laptop to begin.
            What power am I trying to plug-in to? That’s a hard one to answer. The first power that comes to mind is my mentor’s quote, “Trust the process.” If I can plug-in to the process, the power would be there.
            The second power is my firm conviction that every person has a story to tell. Can I really say that I have used up the power of my stories in my first memoir? I don’t think so.
            The third power is my belief that every person possesses some creativity. I think creativity is part of the human condition. So I must plug-in to mine.
            So what if I’m disconnected or the power lines are all blown down in a storm. I return to the quote, “Trust the process.” The power lines connected to my blog have been down for months. How can I deal with that condition?
            Maybe accepting the fact of a needed break for myself and my readers too!
            Maybe admitting that my undisciplined spirit is the source of power failure and be gentle and nurturing to that spirit.
            Maybe by taking baby steps such as call the power company AKA another Leatha Kendrick class at the Carnegie Center.

            But I’m beginning to think that the biggest step toward plugging-in is admitting that the power source is and always was within me. The answer to all questions lies deep inside each of us. The plug really is just a conduit to our own resources.

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