Sunday, August 21, 2011

Johari Window helps Authenticity

Photo by John Lynner Peterson

I want to live authentically but what if others don’t? Does it put me at risk in my career or even in my personal relationships, if I want relationships based on honesty and truth?

The Johari Window supplies a good answer to those questions. When we open ourselves to others AKA living authentically, we give them permission to do the same.

The Johari Window is a four square table about communication. It describes how our openness in human communication increases respectively when you share with others and decreases depending on how clearly we express our self and how keenly we are listening to each other. The model was developed in the fifties by the psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. To give and to obtain feedback is an important process in all co-operations. By having a listening attitude and obtaining feedback you get to know how others look at you. By giving feedback others get to know your view of things.

If this is a bit scary for you, start one person at a time. Do you need to start with your spouse? Your children? Your parents? What would it mean to be fully authentic in one of these relationship? 

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