Friday, August 26, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Why, when something important happens to you, do you feel compelled to tell someone else about it? Even people who are reticent to talk about themselves can’t help telling others about events significant to them. It’s as if nothing has happened until an event is made explicit in language.

Roger C. Schank

In our continuing conversation about living authentically, let’s spend a moment thinking about who you share information with. It’s probably easy to say who you call when you have good news---friends, family, post it on Facebook, etc., etc. But who do you call when you get bad news? If you’ve lost your job, didn’t get the job you wanted, made a decision to get a divorce or even worse, have had a sudden death in the family---who do you call? This list may be smaller and may even be different people. When the chips are down, we turn to the people that have the ability to give comfort.

Now let’s examine another category---who do you call when you are being your worst self? When you have the mean-nasties or experience the ugly, crying jag or move into the bitchy-gossip mode. Who is the friend or family that you trust to see you as your worst self and still love you.

That’s the person who knows you most authentically. The potential for more relationships to be as rich as this last person you named is directly correlated to how willing you are to be your authentic self.   

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